The Phenomenon of Donation Practice Transformation

The terms donation, donation or money donation have been very familiar in our daily life. Literally, the definition of donation is an effort of giving with the purpose of charity and helping others in need. All forms of donations are voluntary so there is no set amount of rigid or hope for reward. Donation practices are often associated with charitable and social activities on a particular event. Behind the donation practices that are done there is always a social motivation that encourages donors to donate. Such social motivation can be the same religious and community background, the compassionate motive for the misfortune experienced by a person or region, social solidarity and trust to the individual or organization of the donor applicant. Basically, because humans are social beings who have intuition and instinct to help each other, then the concept of donation is emerging in society. Departing from the concept to help each other, donations are not always in the form of money but can also be clothing and food needed by parties in need. Before the year 2000 where the term startup, the internet or online donation has not been popular, the form of donation is still dominated by the gallery of funds in public places, the provision of charity boxes in the public space or pick up the ball method. Increasingly here as the times and technology began to advance, people began to understand the concept of online donation fundraising for nonprofits.

Along with technological advances and changing the behavior of people who crave ease in doing the activity of the concept of online donation is more easily accepted. Availability of access that makes it easy for the public to make donations online does not change the activity of the donation itself. Human instinct, especially the Indonesian people who are known to be generous is very sensitive and sensitive to social events such as natural disasters. This is one of the main factors underlying the activity of donating society remains stable even though the concept of donation began to turn into an online donation by utilizing information technology. Online donation portals that provide access to websites or apps provide great convenience and convenience. The ideal of modern societies who have long desired donations. An integrated system directly linked to the bank account and online donor portal provider directly provides a guarantee of ease, security, and accountability that can be directly monitored by donors.