The risk of misusing ayahuasca

There are some people out there who are being reckless enough to use ayahuasca in the wrong ways. They use it for recreational purposes, and this is actually offending the ancient Amazonian tribe culture that has been preserved for thousands of years. Rules and prohibitions must be known by the people who want to use it, and following the expert guidance before one’s can drink ayahuasca tea at Ayahuasca Retreat facility is necessary.

The risk of misusing ayahuasca is the severe anxiety and depression. Yes, it’s true. It happens to the people who are not following the expert’s guidance properly. Some foods and activities will be prohibited 1 week before and after a patient consumed ayahuasca tea. If this is done recklessly, the body of the patient won’t be prepared to handle the high amount of psychedelic compounds that will run through the brain, and this can end up with a traumatizing experience during their trip into their own realm of subconsciousness.