Types of Places for Lodging

The accommodation or what we normally call an inn is a place that is used or functioned as a temporary residence for the person on the way, where the person is required to stay or stay away from home for more than one day. The inn should provide the necessities and meet minimum standards such as beds, rest areas, safety factors, shelter from cold or rainy and hot temperatures, storage facilities, to access to common household needs.

In essence, there are innumerable types of lodging. The following are the different types of lodging and their respective criteria:

– Hotel

The hotel is a type of accommodation that functioning part or all of the buildings used as lodging services. Commercial nature in managing food and beverages and other public services.

– Guest House

Basically, the guest house is a mini version of the hotel. The facilities offered by guest houses are usually simpler than hotels.

– Apartment

An apartment is a type of accommodation provided for a fairly long period, such as months or years. This types of lodging can provide almost every part in a house such as the main room, bathroom, dining room and kitchen in one unit. For instance, you can find some apartments for rent on doha apartments.

– Sanatorium

It is a lodging place that provides special food facilities for tourists or visitors with certain health conditions.

– Pension

A pension is mostly found in Europe. This rest house similar to a small hotel provides lodging facilities and affordable food. In addition, the equipment provided is also tailored to the wishes of guests.

– Bungalows

It is a lodging that is formed in such a way as to approach the concept of residence. Usually located in mountain areas or other recreation areas. The bungalows are usually not accompanied by dining facilities.