What is Otoplasty?

Not only face, plastic surgeon San Diego CA provides a surgical reconstruction of the ear or called otoplasty. Some children have a prominent ear or ear deformity. So often a joke at school and at home. This can be problematic with confidence plastic surgeon San Diego CA. They will be ashamed of having a different physique to be a joke.

Otoplasty is recommended for ages 4-14 years. This surgery restores ear to a normal size to avoid negative emotional impacts in the long run. There are several actions that can be selected in performing ear surgery. The first is microtia. In this case, the patient has very large ears, even though the case is very rare. Secondly, Otoplasty can be done by those who have an ear sticking out. Finally, surgery is performed by those who are not satisfied with the results of previous surgery.

But keep in mind, that otoplasty is a plastic surgery that improves the appearance of the ear. So if you have a hearing problem, you should go to a special doctor ENT (ear, nose, and throat).